Laxton's Price Books

Laxton's Building Price Books are the UK's leading building price book containing a wealth of construction cost and industry related information. Laxton's is available in "SMM7" - Standard Method of Measurement, or "NRM" - New Rules of Measurement versions. The pricing data is prepared from "first principles" with the results indicating labour allowances and the cost of materials required for each iyem of work.

The rates shown in books are for contract values from £50k to £200k. These can be adjusted by specified percentages for smaller contract values and larger contract values up to £5 million, which makes Laxton's the all-round workhorse for all types and sizes of building, construction and alterations works.

The Laxton's Building Price Book is used by Building contractors, Sub contractors, Architects, Developers, Surveyors, Cost Consultants, Estimators, Clients, and all that are interested in procurement and cost of building.

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