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NEC3: Professional Services Contract (PSC)

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ISBN 9780727758873
Publication Status Current
Publication Date 01/04/2013
Format (Paperback, Hardback etc) Paperback
Total Pages 66
Brand / Publisher NEC
Publisher ICE Publishing
The Professional Services Contract is intended for use in the appointment of a supplier to provide professional services. It can be used for appointing project managers, supervisors, designers, consultants or other suppliers under NEC contracts and can also be used for appointing supliers on non-NEC construction projects or for non-constructionprojects. This document contains the core clauses, the relevant main option clauses, the secondary option clauses and the contract data.

OGC endorsement of NEC3;
Construction Clients' Board endorsement of NEC3
The Construction Clients' Board (formerly Public Sector Clients' Forum) recommends that public sector organisations use the NEC3 contracts when procuring construction.
Standardising use of this comprehensive suite of contracts should help to deliver efficiencies across the public sector and promote behaviours in line with the principles of Achieving Excellence in Construction.


Schedule of options Core clauses

• 1 General
• 2 The Parties’ main responsibilities
• 3 Time
• 4 Quality
• 5 Payment
• 6 Compensation events
• 7 Rights to material
• 8 Indemnity, insurance and liability style
• 9 Termination

Main option clauses

• A Priced subcontract with activity schedule
• C Target contract
• E Time based contract
• G Term contract Option

Dispute resolution

• Option W1
• Option W2

Secondary option clauses

• X1 Price adjustment for inflation Changes in the law
• X3 Multiple currencies Parent company guarantee Sectional Completion Bonus for early Completion
• Delay damages
• Collateral warranty agreements
• Transfer of rights
• X10 Employer’s Agent
• X11 Termination by the Employer
• X12 Partnering
• X13 Performance bond
• X18 Limitation of liability
• X20 Key Performance Indicators
• Y(UK)2 The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
• Y(UK)3 The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999

•Z Additional conditions of subcontract

Note Options X14 to X17, X19 and Y(UK)1 are not used
Contract data