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Laxton’s NRM Building Price Book 2022

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ISBN 9780995496590
Publication Status Out Of Print
Publication Date 19/11/2021
Edition 2022
Format (Paperback, Hardback etc) Paperback
Brand / Publisher Laxton's
Publisher Laxton's Publishing Limited

LAXTON'S NRM Building Price Book – 2022 is prepared in accordance with the RICS New Rules of Measurement – NRM2: Detailed measurement for building works –. The library of descriptions has been prepared in accordance with NRM2 which is being taught in Universities and used by cost estimators, quantity surveyors, contractors, local and public authorities, health authorities, Housing Associations and others interested in the cost of building.

Covid-19 and Brexit are having a significant impact on the construction industry and with UK inflation rising, nearly all materials have increased in price. Imports to the UK are subject to delays and higher costs causing a shortage of supply across a range of products, and combined with a lack of skilled and unskilled labour, some turbulent years are anticipated for the construction industry.

Laxton’s SMM Building Price Book - 2022 has been prepared, as with previous editions, for those who need access to the prices in the traditional format based on SMM7.

Laxton’s includes detailed, fully resourced, priced, easy to use libraries of everyday construction items checked and updated as at September/October 2021, essential information on preliminaries, wages, guide prices, dayworks, CDM, company information, tables etc and other general information updated for 2022. ‘Bleeds’ on each page make for quick and easy searching.

The NRM and SMM Book Prices have been held this year even though most of the prices within the book have increased! These price increases are across the board and indicate an up-to-date price book is more important than ever.


“Every job we price is different but Laxton’s 2021 takes all in its stride, as well as prices, details are provided of where to find more information in its company information sections, and approximate prices where quick budgets are needed.”

“I am about to retire, however I would like to express my appreciation of the value on which I have held and used “my Laxtons” over many years”

According to Carolyn Clay, one of the editors of Laxton’s 2022 “We receive numerous emails and phone calls from a range of professionals requesting a copy of Laxton’s, with regular feedback as to how comprehensive and easy-to-use the books are”.

LAXTON’S 2022’ has been released in two formats. Laxton’s SMM 2021 and Laxton’s NRM 2021. Both of these are available as a fully bookmarked PDF file on a CD.