JCT Sub-Sub Contract

JCT's Sub-subcontract is for use on sub-subcontract works where the main contract is a JCT contract. It can be used with any JCT sub-contract. It can be used where either the sub-subcontract or sub-contract works are to be carried out in sections.

Sub-subcontract works can be carried out on the basis of an adjusted sub-contract sum (e.g. adjusted for variations) or by remeasurement.

It is not suitable where the sub-subcontract works are of a complex technical nature, or if provisions which are fully back-to-back with the sub-contract are required.

JCT Sub-subcontract 2016 (SubSub)

JCT Sub-subcontract 2016 (SubSub)

(£23.23 Exc VAT)


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