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JCT Tendering Practice Note 2017

JCT Tendering Practice Note 2017

By: The Joint Contracts Tribunal

Edition: 2017

Details: Paperback, 22 pages.

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Publication date: 02/10/2017

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780414064478

Publication Status: Active


The JCT Tendering Practice Note 2017 is a general guidance document, providing  an informative and practical tool for employers,  contractors, and  professional advisers involved in private or public sector procurement for the letting of construction contracts in the UK.

Now in its third edition, the 2017 Practice Note  reflects key developments in public sector tendering following the coming into force of The Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and  updates  the Note generally to reflect current best practice in both public and private sectors.

From looking at different types of selective tendering procedure, the Note focuses on the following main sections:

  • Preliminary Enquiry - including a project information schedule and pre-qualification questionnaire.
  • Invitation to Tender and Tender - covering the documents involved, the criteria and compliance.
  • Assessment and Award - covering assessment, examination of priced documents and related matters, and notification to tenderers.

In addition to the tendering process, the Practice Note indicates some of the key areas of the new regulations and how these impact on aspects of public sector tendering. As indicated in the Practice Note, applicable public sector procurement rules and any related guidance issued may be subject to change, and JCT recommends reference is always made to GOV.UK for the latest information.

Model forms - covering both the pre-selection phase and the tender stage, are also included within the Note.These are intended for use in relation to private sector procurement only. JCT considers that, in view of the rules and regulations that apply to public procurement, public sector employers and their  advisers will usually have developed their own forms.

The model forms cover both the pre-selection phase and the tender stage of a private sector tender. They may be used with any JCT main contract, and with adaptation for both sub-contract and framework tendering.