JCT Standard Building Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design Agreement 2016 (SBCSub/D/A)

JCT Standard Building Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design Agreement 2016 (SBCSub/D/A)

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Publication date: 31/10/2016

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The JCT Standard Building Contract is designed for large or complex construction projects where detailed contract provisions are needed. Standard Building Contracts are suitable for projects procured via the traditional or conventional method.

Features of projects using the Standard Building Contract:

  • The employer is responsible for the design, and this is usually supplied to the contractor by the architect or design team working on the employer’s behalf. However, Standard Building Contracts also have optional provision for a ‘Contractor’s Designed Portion’, if the appointed contractor is to be responsible for the design of specific parts of the works.
  • Depending on the type of Standard Building Contract used, the employer (through its advisers) will need to provide drawings and specifications, works schedules or bills of quantities to specify the quantity and quality of work at tender stage.
  • Standard Building Contracts are normally administered either by the architect, quantity surveyor, or a contract administrator.
  • Works can be carried out in sections.


The Standard Building Sub-Contract with sub-contractor’s design is made up of two parts: the Sub-Contract Agreement (SBCSub/D/A) which includes the Recitals, Articles and Sub-Contract Particulars, and the Sub-Contract Conditions (SBCSub/D/C).

  • It is for use when the main contract is one of the Standard Building Contracts (SBC/Q, SBC/XQ, or SBC/AQ), where the main contractor is to design specific parts of the works (Contractor’s Designed Portion), and where the sub-contractor is to design part or all of the sub-contract works.
  • It can be used when either the main contract works or the sub-contract works are to be carried out in sections.
  • It can be be used for sub-contract works that are to be carried out on the basis of an adjusted sub-contract sum (adjustment for variations etc.) or by complete re-measurement.
  • Provisions are included for collaborative working, sustainability and bonds (off-site materials and retention).

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