JCT Measured Term Building Contracts

The JCT Measured Term Contract is designed for use by employers who have a regular flow of maintenance, minor works and improvements projects that they would like to be carried out by a single contractor over a specified period of time. Measured Term Contracts are suitable for projects procured via the traditional or conventional method, using a measurement payment structure.

Works are separated into ‘Orders’ for each separate item and the employer supplies a written description or drawings for each Order where relevant.

The employer must list the properties to be covered by the contract and state the type of work expected to be covered during its period (the period of the contract is expected to be longer than 12 months but not longer than 36 months). The employer must also estimate the total value of the work for the contract period and indicate the minimum and maximum value of any one Order given.

A contract administrator is normally appointed by the employer to administer the conditions, issue Orders, describe the works and completion dates and certify payments. The price of the contract is based on the measurement and valuation of each Order according to the prices in an agreed Schedule of Rates.

JCT Measured Term Contract 2016 (MTC)

JCT Measured Term Contract 2016 (MTC)

(£51.41 Exc VAT)
JCT Measured Term Contract Guide 2016 (MTC/G)

JCT Measured Term Contract Guide 2016 (MTC/G)

(No VAT Payable)


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