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JCT Consultancy Agreement 2016 (CA)

JCT Consultancy Agreement 2016 (CA)


Edition: 2016 Revised Edition

Details: Paperback.

List Price (RRP): £66.80 (£55.67 Exc VAT)Save £1.67 with our 2.5% online discountOur Online Price: £65.13 (£54.28 Exc VAT)

Publication date: 30/03/2017

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780414057951

Publication Status: Active


JCT’s Consultancy Agreement is designed for use by public sector employers to appoint a consultant, regardless of discipline, to carry out services in relation to construction works.

  • The Consultancy Agreement can be used with any JCT main contract, with the exception of the JCT - Constructing Excellence Contract (CE) and the Home Owner Contracts (HO/B or HO/C).