JCT Constructing Excellence Contracts

JCT has collaborated with Constructing Excellence to develop the JCT – Constructing Excellence Contract. The JCT – Constructing Excellence Contract can be used to procure a range of construction services and is specifically tailored for use in partnering and where participants wish to engender collaborative and integrated working practices.

These contracts can be used throughout the supply chain, for the appointment of main contractors, sub-contractors, and consultants. It can be used whether or not the supplier is to design, and the supplier’s design input (as either contractor or consultant) can vary.

The contract expressly underpins collaborative working and the formation of integrated teams when used with the Project Team Agreement, providing for the use of a risk register, risk allocation schedules and performance indicators.

JCT - Constructing Excellence Contract 2016 (CE)

JCT - Constructing Excellence Contract 2016 (CE)

(£70.20 Exc VAT)
JCT - Constructing Excellence Contract Guide 2016 (CE/G)

JCT - Constructing Excellence Contract Guide 2016 (CE/G)

(No VAT Payable)


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