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NEC3: Supply Contract Bundle

NEC3: Supply Contract Bundle

Details: 5 x Paperbacks.

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Publication date: 01/04/2013

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727759511

Publication Status: Active


• NEC3 Supply Contract
• NEC3 Supply Contract Guidance Notes
• NEC3 Supply Contract Flow Charts
• NEC3 Supply Short Contract
• NEC3 Supply Short Contract Guidance Notes and Flow Charts
The Supply Contract (SC) and Supply Short Contract (SSC) are the first set of standardised terms designed for complex (SC) and low risk/simple (SSC) purchasing of goods - designed around the same model as other NEC documents yet flexible enough to apply to any industry or supply situation.

The NEC3 Supply Contract should be used for local and international procurement of high-value goods and related services including design.
The NEC3 Supply Short Contract should be used for local and international procurement of goods under a single order or on a batch order basis and is for use with contracts which do not require sophisticated management techniques and impose only low risks on both the Purchaser and the Supplier
Accompanying each document are comprehensive Guidance Notes, which provide commentary on the contract clauses, and Flow Charts which set out the procedural logic of the contracts.
The 5 new documents are available in this special bundle for a discounted price.

Construction Clients' Board endorsement of NEC3
The Construction Clients' Board (formerly Public Sector Clients' Forum) recommends that public sector organisations use the NEC3 contracts when procuring construction.
Standardising use of this comprehensive suite of contracts should help to deliver efficiencies across the public sector and promote behaviours in line with the principles of Achieving Excellence in Construction.


• NEC3: Supply Contract (SC)
• NEC3: Supply Contract Guidance Notes
• NEC3: Supply Contract Flow Charts
• NEC3: Short Supply Contract (SSC)
• NEC3: Short Supply Contract Guidance Notes and Flow Charts