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NEC Managing Reality, 2nd edition. Book 3: Managing the contract

NEC Managing Reality, 2nd edition. Book 3: Managing the contract

New 2nd Edition (2013 Contracts)

Details: Paperback.

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Publication date: 31/10/2012

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727757227

Publication Status: Active


Managing Reality is a series of books written by NEC experts well versed in using NEC3 in industry that explains how NEC3 can be used to optimum benefit in everyday environments. Ultimately, this suite of books forms the complete and authoritative guide to getting the most from NEC3 for your projects.

The books are based on usage of the NEC’s core document – the Engineering and Construction Contract – although the principles and procedures they discuss apply equally across all the documents in the NEC suite.

Managing Reality, 2nd edition, places great emphasis on offering ‘practical tips’ at appropriate points in the text and highlighted examples. Standard forms are included with their usage explained together with checklists. Managing Reality, 2nd edition, are practical manuals designed to aid both existing and new users in implementing the NEC, vital for anyone involved in preparing, administering or contributing to a NEC contract.

Managing Reality Book 3 Managing the Contract is essentially for those who use the contract on a daily basis, covering the detail of practical management such as paying the contractor, reviewing the programme, ensuring the quality of the works and dispute resolution. Both first-time and experienced practitioners will benefit from this book.


Payment procedures in the Engineering and Construction Contract

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Payment procedure
1.3 How the ECC3 includes the HGCR Act 1996
1.4 The effects of Y(UK)2
1.5 Payment procedure on Completion
1.6 Payment procedure after Completion
1.7 Payment procedure after the defects date

Control of Time

2.1 Introduction
2.2 Terminology
2.3 What is the programme?
2.4 Definition of the Accepted Programme
2.5 The purpose of the Accepted Programme
2.6 What is included in the programme?
2.7 Submission of the first programme
2.8 How often is the programme revised?
2.9 Acceptance of the programme
2.10 Completion
2.11 Take over by the Employer
2.12 Acceleration
2.13 Other aspects of programming in the ECC

Control of quality

3.1 Introduction
3.2 The ECC and quality
3.3 The Contractor’s obligations
3.4 Role of the Employer’s representatives with respect to quality
3.5 Employer’s supply
3.6 Sub- contracting
3.7 Quality control
3.8 Defective work
3.9 Certification
3.10 Enforcement
3.11 NEC 3rd Edition

Disputes and dispute resolution

4.1 Introduction
4.2 How disputes arise
4.3 How the ECC seeks to reduce the incidence of disputes
4.4 Dispute resolution under the ECC
4.5 Adjudication – general comments and observations
4.6 NEC 3rd Edition