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BS 5930:2015

BS 5930:2015 Code of practice for ground investigations

Details: A4, 328 pages.

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Publication date: 31/07/2015

Publisher: British Standards Institute (BSI)

ISBN: 9780580800627

Publication Status: Active


BS 5930:2015 Code of practice for ground investigations

What’s BS 5930?

BS 5930:2015 deals with the investigation of sites in order to assess their suitability for construction and to identify the characteristics of a site that affect the design and construction of the project.  It also considers related issues including the environment and the security of adjacent land and property.

BS 5930 also provides guidance on the integration of geotechnical investigations with investigations for contamination or ground gas and other types of investigations.

Some of the benefits of using BS 5930 are:

It helps to ensure that geotechnical design and ground investigations are achieving the best results in efficiency and avoidance of failures

It helps to ensure that UK practitioners are carrying out their work in ground investigation and geotechnical design in accordance with the latest EN and ISO standards on their projects

It helps UK practitioners to export their skills to other countries  where the same international standards are in use

It explains the steps and technical measures required to implement BS EN 1997-2 and all related standards

It contains guidance on the equipment necessary to carry out ground investigation from selection of drilling rigs, to methods of sampling, testing and measurement

It also contains guidance on complete reporting of the results of the investigation for use by others in the design chain whether by paper or, nowadays, using digital data transfer formats.

What’s new?

This is a full revision of the standard and introduces some principal changes:

  • Compliance with BS EN 1997-1 and BS EN 1997-2 and related test standards
  • New information on geophysical surveying and ground testing and updated guidance on desk studies, field reconnaissance, ground investigations on contaminated ground and ground affected by voids

Who should use?

  • This standard should be used by:
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Geologists
  • Geoenvironmental specialists
  • Environmental scientists
  • Civil engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Architects