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BCIS Dilapidations Price Book 2015

BCIS Dilapidations Price Book 2015


Edition: 6th Edition

Details: Paperback, 328 pages.

List Price (RRP): £202.00 (No VAT Payable)

Stock status: Not available

Publication date: 31/08/2015

Publisher: BCIS Wessex

ISBN: 9781783211128

Publication Status: UNAVAILABLE

The new 2015 edition is essential for anyone providing early cost advice to landlords or tenants on costs of complying with Schedules of Dilapidations.

Compiled using the latest, independent price data, it gives you all the supply and install costs you need to make accurate estimates, saving you valuable time at the initial estimating stage for the work required on a schedule of dilapidations.

The Dilapidations Price Book will enable you to:

  • Provide initial budgeting costs ensuring you are not over or under-estimating
  • Satisfy your clients' needs knowing you are providing realistic cost estimates and advice based on up-to-date figures
  • Make it easier at the initial cost stage as the product is easy navigate around and find what you are looking for
  • Use as a support tool as you can customise and adjust your data for specific locations
  • Save time as it includes both new and historical costs all held all in one place
  • Plan for the future using the forecasting data