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JCT: Intermediate Named Sub-Contract Tender & Agreement 2011

JCT: Intermediate Named Sub-Contract Tender & Agreement 2011 ICSub/NAM


Edition: 2nd Revised edition

Details: Paperback.

List Price (RRP): £40.07 (£33.39 Exc VAT)

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Publication date: 07/09/2011

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780414046689

Publication Status: Out of Print

Publication Description

The JCT 2011 Contracts should be used for construction contracts entered into after Part 8 of the new Construction Act came into force on 1 October 2011.

• For use where the main contract is the Intermediate Building Contract or Intermediate Building Contract with contractor’s design
• Where the Sub-Contractor is ‘Named’ to carry out sub-contract works, whether or not they include design

Can be used:
• Where the sub-contract works and/or main contract works are to be carried out in sections
• For sub-contract works that are to be carried out on the basis of an adjusted sub-contract sum (adjustment for variations etc.) or by complete remeasurement

Not suitable:
• Unless the Sub-Contractor is ‘Named’ in the main contract or under its provisions
• For any sub-contract work that forms a part of the contractor’s designed portion

Using an Intermediate Named Sub-Contractor/Employer Agreement (ICSub/NAM/E) in conjunction with the Intermediate Named Sub-Contract (see the Intermediate Building Contract Guide (IC/G) where:
• The Named Sub-Contractor is to carry out design work or to procure or fabricate materials or goods prior to letting of the main contract
• The Employer:
• Requires undertakings from the Named Sub-Contractor in respect of the sub-contract works and any related design work which he is to carry out
• Requires the Named Sub-Contractor to give Collateral Warranties to purchasers/tenants and/or any funder of the main contract works or relevant part(s) of them