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JCT Construction Management Trade Contract (CM/TC)

JCT Construction Management Trade Contract (CM/TC)

Edition: 2016

Details: Paperback.

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Publication date: 30/06/2017

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

ISBN: 9780414058101

Publication Status: Active


Construction Management Contract

The JCT Construction Management Contract is for use on construction projects where the employer appoints separate trade contracts to carry out the works, and a construction manager to oversee the completion of the works for a fee. Construction Management contracts are suitable for projects procured via the management method.

Features of projects using a JCT Construction Management Contract:

  • Construction Management contracts comprise a suite of documents, a Construction Management Appointment (CM/A), and separate Construction Management Trade Contracts (CM/TC).
  • The contract is used where separate contractual responsibility for design, management and construction of the project is desired.
  • The employer provides the design, and enters into direct separate trade contracts with suppliers to carry out the construction of the works.
  • The construction manager is appointed by the employer to manage the project and act as an agent on the employer’s behalf, issuing instructions, making decisions and preparing certifications. The construction manager also administers the conditions of the trade contract.
  • Works can be carried out in sections