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IChemE Forms of Contract Set 2

IChemE Forms of Contract Set 2 (UK Version)

Edition: 2003-2013

Details: Paperback, Total 885 pages.

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Publisher: IChemE

ISBN: 9780852955932

Publication Status: Out of Print

For over 45 years IChemE have partnered with highly experienced legal and industry professionals to publish their acclaimed Forms of Contract. The new editions have been revised to reflect best practice in project delivery and the latest developments in law and project implementation.

This set contains the latest editions of our seven UK Forms of Contract and three of our Dispute Resolution Rule Books, including:

The Red Book, Lump Sum Contract, Fifth edition, 2013
The Green Book, Reimbursable Contract, Fourth edition, 2013
The Burgundy Book, Target Cost Contract, Second edition, 2013
The Yellow Book, Subcontracts, Fourth edition, 2013
The Brown Book, Subcontract for Civil Engineering Works, Third edition, 2013
The Orange Book, Minor Works, Second edition, 2003
The Purple Book, Forms of Contract User Guide, Fourth edition, 2004
The Grey Book, Adjudication Rules, Fourth edition, 2016
The White Book, Rules for Expert Determination, Fourth edition, 2005
The Pink Book, Arbitration Rules, Fourth edition, 2005

Each Form of Contract contains a model form of agreement and general conditions, supplemented with detailed guide notes to assist the user in preparing a contract.