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Designers' Guide to Eurocode 4: Design of Composite Buildings: EN 1994-1-1

Designers' Guide to Eurocode 4: Design of Composite Buildings: EN 1994-1-1

By: Roger Johnson, Haig Gulvanessian

Edition: 2nd Revised edition

Details: Hardback, 268 pages.

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Publication date: 05/12/2011

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN: 9780727741738

Publication Status: Active


Publication Description

The ultimate guide to designing with EN 1994-1-1.

Eurocode 4 describes the principles and requirements for safety, serviceability and durability of composite steel and concrete structures. This guide provides the user with guidance on the interpretation and use of Part 1.1: General rules and rules for buildings of EN 1994, with flow charts and worked examples. The new edition reflects the publication of the National Annexes and supporting material for the many Parts of ENs 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 to which EC4 refers, since the 1st edition of the Guide was written. There is also new material from research and the work of BSI Committee B/525/4 and CEN's Maintenance Group for Eurocode 4 (Professor Johnson is a member of both). The new developments and design approaches include: - partial shear connection in composite beams - the use of reinforcement in composite slab floors - analysis of concrete-filled steel-tube columns - design of composite slabs based on testing