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R & D - Maximising the Tax Relief

R & D - Maximising the Tax Relief

By: James Boughton, Lindsay Pentelow


Edition: 1st Edition

Details: Paperback, 161 pages.

List Price (RRP): £58.50 (No VAT Payable)

Stock status: Available to Order (Stock Due)

Publication date: 12/12/2014

Publisher: Claritax Books

ISBN: 9781908545619

Publication Status: Active


This practical guide to claiming the valuable Research & Development corporation tax relief is written by James Boughton and Lindsay Pentelow, both of Mazars LLP. The book explains whether and when a claim can be made, clarifies the different types of scheme, shows and illustrates how the relief is calculated, and has a helpful chapter on the practicalities of making a claim. Appendices cover the meaning of R&D for tax purposes and include HMRC guidance on various aspects of the relief.

Publication Review

“Where this book is very good is that it is comprehensive. Within my own client base it has prompted me to consider whether I might have overlooked claims …” (AccountingWeb review – January 2015)

“I’d thoroughly recommend it as a guide for any practitioner who wants to advise clients on a new project or check whether they have a hitherto-unsuspected potential claim for R&D tax relief.” (TAXline – March 2015)

“If you need a clearer picture of the current position on tax relief for R & D, you need this book.” (Phillip Taylor MBE, Reviews editor, The Barrister - April 2015)