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CINI Manual (CD-ROM)

CINI Manual (CD-ROM)

Edition: 2014

Details: CD-ROM.

List Price (RRP): £871.87 (£726.56 Exc VAT)

Stock status: Available to Order (Stock Due)

Publication date: 01/10/2014

Publisher: CINI

ISBN: 0000000000140

Publication Status: Special Order


The CINI manual is a reference book intended for anyone professionally involved with industrial insulation. The CINI-manual enables insulation companies, industrial companies and their consultants to deliver optimum quality of insulation systems. The CINI-Manual is updated annually. The official title of the Manual is “Insulation for Industries". CINI is responsible for the compilation and content of the Manual. Because of the huge demand, the CINI manual is available in Dutch or English.