Laxton's SMM Building Price Book 2018 (CD-ROM)

Laxton's SMM Building Price Book 2018 (CD-ROM)

By: V B Johnson (LLP)

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Publication Details

Edition: 2018

Details: CD-ROM.

Publication date: 22/11/2017

Publisher: Laxton's Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1111111111127

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description


Laxton’s SMM Building Price Book 2018 has been prepared, as with previous editions, for those who need access to the prices in the existing format based on SMM7.

Laxton’s includes detailed, fully resourced, priced, easy to use libraries of every day construction items checked and updated as at September/October 2017, essential information on preliminaries, wages, guide prices, dayworks, CDM, company information, tables etc and other general information updated for 2018

Laxton’s are regarded as the estimators essential tool - often referred to as his bible!

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