CESMM4 Price Books

CESMM4 was prepared under the guidance of ICE's CESMM Review Committee. It retains many of the characteristics of CESMM3, but can be used across a range of contract types, including with NEC, FIDIC (Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils) and ICC (Infrastructure Conditions of Contract). Other changes have been introduced to bring it into line with industry practices and to reflect the emergence new technologies. In addition, references to the British Standards have been removed, making the method more applicable to a global audience (the only exceptions being road construction and concrete mixture).

CESMM4 sets out a procedure for the preparation of a Bill of Quantities for civil engineering works, for contracts based on traditional ‘measure & value’ principles. The Bill of quantities enables tenders to be prepared efficiently and can be used to value work completed once the contract has been let.

CESMM4: Examples

CESMM4: Examples

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